Actian Zen IoT Server

Zero-DBA, embeddable database for Raspbian and IoT Core

The Actian Zen Embedded database family now includes a new edition, Zen IoT Server. Actian's first product focused squarely on the needs of the IoT developer. Running on Raspbian and Windows IoT Core, it extends the features of classic Zen Embedded editions to these worldwide platforms.

Zen IoT Server is a SQL/NoSQL, zero-DBA, embeddable, small footprint database suited to the needs of ISV and OEM providers of IoT solutions. With both relational and direct data access, self-turning, exceptional reliability, data portability, easy upgrades, and backward compatibility, IoT solution developers can deliver applications at scale across a wide range of platforms. Without having to manage collaboration among teams working in different environments with different data formats. Without later getting buried by support costs. With more time and energy left to innovating!

What are the key features of Actian Zen IoT Server:
  •   SQL access for reporting and NoSQL access for performance.
  •   Zero database administration. Set it and forget it.
  •   Data portability.
  •   Backward compatability.
  •   New Btrieve C and C++ API.
Zen IoT Server Availability
  •   Rapbian and Windows Iot Core
  •   ARM and Intel
  •   30-40MB installed footprint
  •   Standard installation for 1-10 concurrent users to cover most common scenarios
  •   Evaluation version available
  •   500-user developer kit (Q1 2018)
  •   100, 250 and 1000-user pack for commercial deployment (Q1 2018)